Training Programs for 2nd Half of yr-2021

Theme: Moving Business from Surviving to Thriving

Training Programs
a) Webinars
b) Panel Discussions
c) V. Conferences
d) Corporate Training on-demand

Training Objectives
1. Competence enhancement of an organization
2. Capability building of teams to move to proactive mode-resiliency-thriving
3. Solution for issues in business advancement
4. Focus on application of presented knowledge to workplace

Functional Areas Global Market [go along with regions of high awareness of PM-Values]
Synopsis Covid-19 pandemic has jolted the world and particularly the businesses where the change in work environment and the impacts are going to stay for some time.

The growing complexity and increasing doubts in advancements of businesses to strategic direction has brought focus on managing organizational capability for strategic implementation. The organizations capable of facing the challenges of advancement in strategic direction, will survive.

In the “New Normal” post pandemic with the emerging trends have reduced businesses to find solutions through “Infinite Flow” and Alternate Management approach for advancement of continuity of business and economic flow.

Moving from Reactive Mode Restructuring Organization Resiliency-Proactive Mode Super ResiliencyThriving The challenges of strategic advancement often demand at times to go beyond linear thinking and find non-linear solution. Linear thinking is akin to logic, and non-linear thinking to creativity. Logic is an activity governed by our left brain, and creativity is an activity governed by the right brain. Making the best from the good combination of the brain-strengths is the need of the time.

The catalyzing effects of the mega trends akin COVID-19; climate crises; civil, civic equality movements; shifting globalization dynamics; mainstream AI: has made one thing clear that recovering from impacts is not enough but the challenge remains to transform to thrive for the future of work already here.

The pandemic has impacted a major shift in AN ORGANIZATION to become DISTINCTLY HUMAN AT ITS CORE for progression. It is a different way to approach every challenge, every question, every issue and every decision from the angle of human aspects. The whole trajectory of work processes is required to be aligned accordingly.

Is your organization preparing for the mega trends? Do it now, it’s Never too late.

The plan noted under is helpful for organizations and professionals together to build competence for moving business from just surviving to thriving and sustain growth.

The training program noted above will help understanding of an effective way for building competence of professionals and organizations. The focus will remain on solution and applying the knowledge to issues for meaningful change.

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